Freddy: I frequently hear that question. The question is usually directed to me from a client. A potential client asks me what percentage of cases do I win or lose? That question has a complicated answer.

Most of the time we are able to get our clients a better result than they are able to get on their own, because we know the DUI laws. We know the ramifications of a DUI charge. We are familiar with the prosecutors, the judges and the court system. We know what they may or may not be willing to do in individual cases.

We also will investigate a DUI case better. We know what we are looking for, we know the loopholes and the legal challenges that we overcome to get our clients the best possible result. We are usually able to do a better job for the client than the client would have done without our services.

Is an Acquittal Possible?

There is not really a win/loss percentage. If I win a case for a client and that case is dismissed, which really does happen, then that is a win for the client. Even though this is a successful outcome, the client still went through much time and mental distress dealing with the case. It’s a win but ultimately they went through a lot.

Waiting for the Outcome of a DUI Case Is Time Consuming and Stressful for the Client

They went through all the emotions of a DUI. Just the initial arrest and being charged with DUI may have caused them a lot of mental and physical problems. In terms of win/loss percentages, it’s more like how can we help the client? Almost always, we do a better job for the client than they are able to do on their own. Therefore, it follows that most of the time we are able to get a better result for the client. If you look at it that way we are always effective in some way in a DUI case.

Interviewer: People’s definition of win or lose is way too narrow. If someone is facing jail time, fines and losing their license and you help mitigate these penalties than that is probably a win.

By Freddy Woods