Interviewer: Do people tend to call multiple attorneys before they make their decision? Do people shop around?

Freddy: Usually, it’s been my experience, if I talk to someone, then they’ll go with me, if I talk and respond to them quickly enough. You know, if a potential client have a question at 9:17 in the morning and I call them back at 9:18, or after he or she visit to my website, and I try to answer very quickly within the first three or four minutes. Usually, I can answer all of his or her questions and make them feel at ease enough, and they’ll choose me. They may decide to wait overnight and talk to another attorney or two but, generally, it’s been my experience that they come back to us.

I actually encourage some people, because they’re so distraught and frustrated, I say, “Listen. Go to my website. Look at my information. Here are some links I can give you. Think about what questions you may have for me. Call me back in the morning when you’re in a better frame of mind or you’re a little more peaceful and you don’t have to do it right now.

You know, I fully understand it’s not a used car purchase. It’s your life. I’m going to be here. I always advise, “Call me back and I’ll be happy to help you,” and, in that scenario, people call back the next morning or they wait two days and they frantically call my office or my cell phone and say, “Mr. Woods. Okay. I need some help right now. Tell me what I need to do. What are the next steps?

By Freddy Woods