Freddy: I can give you an example that just recently occurred. Our client was a young lady who was underage. She was drinking and got a DUI. She blew a 1.8.

They found her asleep on the side of the road. The officers had actually followed her until she parked her car and went to sleep. It wasn’t that they just came upon her; they saw her driving and waited until she pulled her over.

She didn’t know there were officers following her because the police were driving an unmarked car. The officers chuckled and they approach the car and arrested her for DUI. When they woke her up they performed the field sobriety test and in their determination said she was DUI. So they arrested her and took her off to jail.

In that case she ended up with three charges. We were able to get two of the charges dropped and actually able to get the DUI completely dismissed. In return for the dismissal she had to agree to attend and educational program about the dangers of driving under the influence.

The young lady got the benefit of having to go to an educational program without having anything put on her record at all. Her DUI was therefore dismissed and her two lower cases were dismissed. She was able to go on with her life and go back to school.


“Results obtained for one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.”

By Freddy Woods