Interviewer: Last question for people reading this that are not yet convinced they should come see you for a *FREE initial phone consultation. (See Below) What is the best way to get in contact with you?

Freddy: The best way to contact us is to call us. We have a specific number, which we use to make sure that new people can call us and be able to reach us. That number is (877) 728-1798. If they call that number they reach my office directly. We can also be reached at 864-8100-DUI. This is a number that will call me on my cell phone.

My staff may set up a phone or office appointment if necessary and I will call them back as quickly as possible, as long as I am not in court or its during the night/ weekend. I will speak to them about their case and tell them about what their options are right over the phone.

I can explain the pros and the cons of what they are doing. I can tell them what ramifications they are looking at or what consequences they can expect and how much it will cost.

Usually I find that if I respond very quickly and I take the time to answer a potential client’s questions, more often than not they may hire us for their case. This approach of being a resource for questions and answers makes the client comfortable and usually let’s them know that we are knowledgeable enough to handle their case as well.

Phone Conversations Are Beneficial

Interviewer: To clarify, someone doesn’t have to come into your office and be ushered in before you talk about his or her case? They can call on the phone?

Freddy: I actually prefer to talk to my potential clients first on the phone and answer their questions. I like to find out what they are going through and help them. I can look up their charge from wherever I am from my iPad or my IMac or my IPhone. I can find out who is prosecuting the case by calling the court. I actually prefer our first consultation be a phone consultation so I can speak with a person while they are in the comforts of their own space without the added pressure and time expense of coming to my office.

Usually after the phone consultation most clients feel comfortable enough to go ahead and hire us. They can hire us on the spot with a debit or credit card or if they have a complicated case they can come in and let us see their paperwork and we’ll talk about it with them.

Video Conferencing

Or, and this option is often very helpful, clients will have to work and they just can’t come downtown to our office. They will often have a pressing legal matter and will still need to be able to speak to an attorney immediately but can’t leave work or their children to do so on a particular day. In order to accommodate them we can set up a Skype video conference call with them, which they can do from their desk  at work, home or after hours.

We try to give options to make ourselves available on the phone or by video conferencing with our clients. Alternatively, if a client walks into my office and needs to see me and if I am on the way to court or traveling, we have a conference room where we have a flat screen TV set up with a video camera. We also have a room in our office where my legal staff can do a video conference from the computer. Once the connection is setup, they can see me and I can see them.

I can see them live from the highway or road while I’m driving via the Skype or Facetime App and talk to them wherever I am. As a trial attorney, I am often at court. I’m not always sitting in my office all of the time but I make sure that I am available in some way.

* “The client is responsible for fines, fees and expenses in addition to the lawyer’s fee. In personal injury cases, the fee will be a percentage of the recovery and that percentage will be computed before deducting the expenses in the case.”

By Freddy Woods