Distracted driving often occurs due to the use of a cell phone or other mobile device while driving. It could even cost you your job or driving privileges. If you have been issued a traffic citation for distracted driving, you may want to retain the services of an experienced criminal lawyer.

Modern Technology and Traffic Violations

It may take a while, but state and local officials are beginning to catch up with the use of mobile devices on America’s roadways. In fact, accidents caused by distracted driving have become a serious problem, especially among inexperienced drivers.

Unfortunately, drivers who use a mobile device to communicate with friends and family members while driving are responsible for causing thousands of deaths every year. It is believed that 16 percent of all traffic deaths are attributable to distracted driving in the United States. The actual figure may well be much higher.

Behind the Wheel

Using a mobile phone behind the wheel is a bad idea. In many states, you can be issued a ticket for using a cell phone. An increasing number of states also issue traffic citations for texting while driving. Awareness of the problems associated with distracted driving is steadily increasing, resulting in stronger laws and penalties.

How Dangerous is Texting?

Believe it or not, texting while driving may be more dangerous than driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There’s nothing more dangerous than taking your eyes off the road. Traffic conditions can change in the blink of an eye. Moreover, distracted drivers have a nasty habit of removing a hand from the steering wheel to operate their mobile device, greatly reducing their capacity to maneuver a vehicle through traffic.

Federal Law

Federal law prohibits the use of a mobile device while driving. Federal employees can lose their job if they are found guilty of distracted driving while operating a government vehicle. They can even lose their job if they use a government cell phone while driving a personal vehicle. Professional drivers who are found guilty of distracted driving may lose their commercial driver’s license and be assessed substantial financial penalties.

State Laws and Penalties

Distracted driving laws vary from state to state. Ten states have already banned the use of a mobile telephone while driving. As many as 37 states have passed laws against texting while driving. Teenagers have been implicated in a substantial percentage of distracted driving accidents, prompting most states to prohibit the use of cell phones by young drivers.

Depending upon where you live, a distracted driving conviction could result in financial penalties or even the loss of your driving privileges. Even if the use of a mobile device is legal in your state, you may become the defendant in a civil lawsuit for a distracted driving accident. The plaintiff must prove that the driver’s negligence caused the accident. A successful lawsuit could result in significant financial damages being awarded to the injured party.

If you have been charged with distracted driving, the services of a criminal lawyer may prove to be invaluable. In the event that you are found criminally negligent as the result of a distracted driving accident, you could even be charged with a felony.

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