Another story I have comes from a trial. We had a trial wherein there was a CDV case. CDV means Criminal Domestic Violence case. In those cases, typically you have wife and a husband or a girlfriend and boyfriend that got in to a really bad scuffle. The police are called and in South Carolina, when the police are called, they usually have to take somebody to jail.

More often than not that’s the husband or boyfriend, but sometime its the wife or girlfriend. In this particular case, we had a lady who probably weighed 300 pounds and her husband who was probably 160 pounds soaking wet. They got into a scuffle and this woman with her weight and her body mass literally beat this man up.

It’s sad but it happens. Being a man, he really didn’t want to call the police, but after the violence occurred several times, the end result was that this woman was just pummeling him. She would throw pots and pans at him, throw anything that was close, and really injure him. He had to be able to call the police to get some help.

The police, when they arrived on the scene, accused him of hurting her. He was charged and taken off to jail. He really was the victim. I talked to this man, and I found out what happened, I felt really bad about it for him and I told him I would help him.

Actually, the wife does not have to testify against the husband and vice versa, in a criminal proceeding or case. You don’t have to testify against your spouse. In this particular case, the wife was there. She had a hostile personality anyway, so she actually agreed to be questioned.

Once she was questioned, I brought out in her personality how mean she could get. They only thing that I had to do at that time was to push certain buttons with her, knowing that these questions would include things that would tick her off, to show to the court what her true personality was.

Once it came out how nasty she really was; the judge in that case had no other alternative. Because this was before a judge, he had to say essentially, Okay, I can’t justify sustaining this charge against this man for beating up this woman. He’s clearly the victim. We were able to get those CDV charges dismissed against him and we were able to clear his good name. Then I think, later on, they broke up and went their separate ways, which was kind of good for that couple.

That just shows you that sometimes, in a CDV case, you think one person is guilty and that it has to be the man. Sometimes the woman has inflicted serious abuse on that man and that man can be charged with a crime and they have the right to be defended as well.

When it comes to stories we have many of them. I’ve had some interesting court cases.

Interviewer: Well that’s really interesting. By the way, did you ever have any additional contact with the motorcycle gang?

Freddy: You know the funny thing about it was they gave me deer meat for almost a year. I would see them on the highway and they would pull me over on occasion, almost like “Lincoln Lawyer”, if you’ve ever seen that movie. I would see one of them out somewhere in town and they would come up to greet me. They were so excited to talk to me and I ended up representing so many different members of that motorcycle gang over the years in just a host of different things that they would find themselves in.

One guy even went on a hunt and brought bring back deer meat to my office. I don’t typically eat deer meat but I was grateful he thought well of me. He was so proud of it. I said thank you and took it and we talked for a while. Those guys were a pretty interesting bunch, and I feel that justice has to be served for everyone. I really believe that.

It doesn’t matter to me if its a motorcycle gang member or a little old lady, I believe justice is justice.  I feel that if you have a good case and a compelling case and justice needs to be served and you need some help, then I’m going to try to help you if I can. That’s just the way I look at that.


* Results achieved for one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate the ability to achieve the same results for every client because every case is different, every judge is different and every jury is different.

By Freddy Woods