Freddy: Generally, if you get a DUI you are facing one charge, which is a DUI charge. A DUI charge is a criminal charge. It goes to criminal court. If it is a DUI first, then it goes to magistrate court and municipal court, which is a lower court. Which means you can only be convicted up to one year.

If it is a DUI second or above, then it goes to General Sessions Court, which is classified as a higher-level court. This means you can be convicted for a much longer period of time, generally more than one year.

One Criminal Charge But Many Civil Penalties

People charged with DUI are only facing one type of charge, which is a criminal charge. However, they are also facing civil penalties. The civil penalties would mean you would have to pay DMV fees. You have to pay fines and fees. You are going to have to pay a higher price for car insurance. You have to pay for ADSAP. It’s one criminal charge with many civil penalties.

By Freddy Woods