Interviewer: If you have any more time, do you want to talk about driving while having a suspended license?

Freddy: We could talk about that. Driving under suspension means that essentially, you’re driving under suspension. It means that you already had a charge such as a DUI or too many tickets, or reckless driving that had points against your license and now the DMV suspended your license but you chose to drive anyway.

Well, you do that and it’s driving under suspension and when you’re driving under suspension, if the police find out, you’re going to get pulled over and arrested. They’re immediately going to take you to jail. You have to bond yourself out and then you have to defend yourself of the charge of driving under suspension. It is important to note that some people don’t even know that they’re suspended.

They’ve got a few tickets, had no idea what the point values were, or when they dropped off. The DMV weighed-in and then decided to issue a suspension. The person never knew they were suspended at all because they didn’t hire a lawyer for their court appearance and no one explained it to them. They may have been ordered to take the driving class and because they didn’t take the class, that license is suspended and they may have never known. If they get pulled over, they’re going to get taken to jail the same way.

Interviewer: First of all, can the police see why you’re suspended or do they just see that you’re suspended?

Freddy: They just see that you’re suspended and they can probably figure out why and they take you to jail just based on that suspension.

Interviewer: Even if you had unpaid parking tickets that led to a suspension, versus a DUI that led to a suspension, it doesn’t matter they’ll still take you in and you’ve got a big problem.

Freddy: That is right. They’ll still take you in.

There Are Different Penalties for Driving Under Suspension

Interviewer: But when you’re in front of the judge, they’ll know why you were suspended. So, is there a difference in penalties if you’re suspended because of DUI versus suspended for speeding tickets or parking tickets?

Freddy: There is DUS, driving under suspension, DUI related, meaning that you had a DUI and had a suspension based on that. That is usually gets you a harsher fine, then if you had DUS, non-DUI related. So, you have DUS, DUI related which is higher fines and fees versus the US, non-DUI related, which is lower fines. So, yes, it can change the fines and fees that you pay but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re suspended.

Interviewer: So, harsher penalties. So, what are some of the penalties for DUS, while DUI?

Freddy: Well, some of the penalties for DUS, which is DUI related, would include a fine that’s a little over $2000, and a six-month license suspension and probation. That’s usually DUS, DUI related.

DUS, non-DUI related, you’re going to end up with a $1,000 fine, a six-month suspension, and probation. The probation will be less strict as opposed to the other more intensive probation and it’s going to be just generally a little bit easier but you’re still going to have that same suspension period.

Interviewer: They’re going to further suspend your license, even though it’s already suspended?

Freddy: Yes. They’re going to increase the time of your suspension.

Hardship Licenses

Interviewer: Can you get a hardship license for this kind of offense or no?

Freddy: Generally, if you have a DUI and it’s your first offense, they will give you a limited privilege or they will give you a temporary license or a route restricted license. If you have a second offense, then generally you have to serve your suspension. Anything above that, you usually have jail plus your suspension and no license.

Interviewer: Are you talking about for DUS when you spoke about these penalties?

Freddy: Yes, for DUS. For DUI, you receive the same thing, just harsher fines and penalties, fees, jail as it goes up the chain.

Interviewer: Anything else that’s important to talk about in regards to driving while suspended or driving under suspension?

By Freddy Woods