Interviewer: What percentage of cases are alcohol related versus prescription or illegal drug related?

Freddy: Eighty percent of them will be alcohol related. In other counties in other areas it may be different. 20%of these cases are going to involve prescription or illegal drugs. It’s crucial to remember that if you take a prescription drug you should be fully knowledgeable about what the side effects and cautions are.

Number one, it’s prescription, so you are allowed to have it. Number two, if that drug does not list that it has impairment causing side effects, then you may not be guilty of a DUI.

DUI is driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. You don’t have to have alcohol to be convicted of a DUI or be charged with it. If you have drugs on you, whether they are prescription or illegal drugs, it may or may not be a DUI.

Interviewer: I know you can’t say exactly, but can you estimate how often will you be able to help someone’s DUI situation? What percentage of cases have you had some good results with?

By Freddy Woods