Interviewer: Is drug testing part of the classes, or it’s just that you sit in a room and listen to a lecture?

Freddy: Drug testing is also mandatory. You have to be drug tested. Hopefully, you would always be sober, but you must be sober as a part of the class. You are not allowed to not engage in alcohol as part of that class.

Interviewer: We didn’t talk about that. As part of ADSAP, there’s going to be a drug-testing component. How often does that happen and how much does it cost? Where do you have to go?

Freddy: They’re random drug tests. That means that ADSAP can test you at any time for drugs. Doesn’t matter when. It’s not up to you.

Interviewer: Let’s say you have a class Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. They call you Tuesday morning and say you have to come in within the next hour and do a urine test? What’s the usual procedure?

Freddy: They can call you in randomly to do a test, whenever they want.

Interviewer: When do they tend to do it? How long do they give you notice?

Freddy: They do not give you any notice. There isn’t any rhyme or reason. It’s up to the testing facility. They could decide that everybody’s going to be tested before ADSAP class one night. Or they could decide that, “It’s Friday and we need you in here sometime today to test for your alcohol test” You don’t have class that day. It doesn’t matter. That’s the point of being random is to be able to scare you into compliance.

Interviewer: I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of clients go through ADSAP. How often do they tend to test people?

Freddy: They tend to test people frequently in the beginning, then tail off towards the middle, and then retest more aggressively toward the end of the program.

Interviewer: Do they charge you extra for each drug test and what kind of test do they perform?

Freddy: They’re allowed to charge extra, but they usually do not. They can do a blood or urine test at the discretion of the facility. They tend to do more urine tests because it’s easier, but they can also do a blood test if they feel it’s necessary.

Interviewer: Can you go into ADSAP if you have a drug-related DUI, DUS or DUAC?

Freddy: ADSAP attendance is mandatory for all DUIs, no matter what kind they are.

Interviewer: What are they testing for?

Freddy: They’re testing for any illegal substances. The screen that they do encompasses many different substances and they’re testing for all illegal substances.

Interviewer: You mentioned you’re not allowed to drink alcohol if you’re in ADSAP?

Freddy: That’s not exactly correct. You can’t come to the test facility intoxicated. If you drank alcohol, it’s not going to be a fatal thing. You just can’t come to the test facility intoxicated, which would make sense.

Interviewer: If you drink the night before, are you probably going to have some alcohol left in your system the day of the class?

Freddy: You’re right and you’re going to turn up “dirty” The goal is to make sure that you don’t drink at all. That really is their goal, but they don’t want you to turn up dirty, and they don’t want you to have a relapse. The logic is that you’ve been convicted of this. You now have a DUI. If you have a DUI, and you’ve been convicted of it, you really shouldn’t do it anymore. They don’t want you drinking at all.

Interviewer: Even if you’re over 21, legally you can drink, but with ADSAP you might get in trouble?

Freddy: Exactly right. It’s like “big brother.”

Consequences for Expulsion From the ADSAP Class

Interviewer: What happens if you test dirty or you miss a class and they throw you out of the program? Will you go to jail? What will happen?

Freddy: If a judge has imposed a component that your jail sentence is dependent upon successful completion of everything, including ADSAP, yes, you can be thrown out of the program and then end up going to jail. If that condition is not there, then you’re just not likely to get a license, which defeats the purpose of you going to ADSAP in the first place. The purpose of going to ADSAP is to restore your driver’s license.

Interviewer: Do you deal with many clients that have been thrown out the program that need your help?

Freddy: I see many people that have been thrown out and then they’ve had their second and third DUI. During their second and third DUI they have even more serious consequences. This does not occur very often because the person that gets a DUI that first time has paid so much money to get themselves out of that trouble that you usually do not see them relapse.

It’s usually a one-time thing that happens. There are all those people that are having specialized problems in their life, and those problems lead them to relapse, but that’s not the norm of what I see.

By Freddy Woods