Interviewer: Anything you want me to add before we stop?

Freddy: Yes, I think that it is very important that anyone who is facing a DUI does three things. Number one, stay quiet. But do be cooperative with law enforcement.

Number two is to make sure that you call an attorney. Preferably call our office at 864-810-0DUI first so we may answer your questions.

Number three is to make sure that you hire an attorney to be able to help you. It’s much cheaper to hire an attorney to get a much better result than it is to go it alone.

To have to go to several court appearances on your own. If you hire an attorney they attend and in some cases appear for you during the preliminaries. You might only have to attend the final court appearance.

I think it is better to have an attorney all the way around. Its much cheaper and the consequences and the effects to your life will be usually substantially less than if you try to do it on your own.

By Freddy Woods