Fred Woods Experience

I’ve been practicing law for 17 years. My practice is primarily concentrated on DUI and criminal defense. Those are the areas of law that I choose to do. I do some personal injury, but most of it is DUI and criminal defense because I want to be able to concentrate my practice in a certain area to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in that area and to do a very, very good job for my client. So, those are the areas that I practice. Those are the areas that I can do jury trials in my sleep. So, I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve represented thousands of people and I’m really good at it, I feel. That’s where I feel I can give my highest and best use and value to people.

Why Did I Become a Lawyer?

I wanted to be a lawyer since I was about seven years old and I was watching an episode where young man desperately wanted to be a lawyer. So, I asked my parents, “What does a lawyer do?” and I had very good parents who said, “Well, we’ll take you to one.” So, they took me to the local state senator who was a lawyer and who would let me intern there when I was attending high school. I saw that they were able to affect real change in people’s lives. He was able to do it in a political context and do it in a legal context and he also seemed to have a very nice life for himself and I wanted that. So, I became a lawyer.I said, “Well, that’s the only thing I’m going to do.” So, I studied in school. I went to undergrad college. I went to an MBA school. I graduated and joined the bar at 25 years old, as a lawyer. I was very young at the time. I clerked for a congressman, a senator and then I did a clerkship for a judge, who is now on the South Carolina Supreme Court. So, I’ve had very good mentors.After that, I work doing criminal cases at a law firm and learned I love going to trial. There are some lawyers who like going to trial and some lawyers did not. I’m not a sit-in-the-office-type person. I love going to court. I love going to trial, interacting with people and I seem to have a knack for it. So, it is very, very easy for me to do and I just made that my life’s workI think that anything you do, you have to have a passion for it and you have to be able to make a living in it. You’re going to have ebbs and flows but you really must do something that makes you want to get up in the morning and, for me, on the days that I have trial, I shine my shoes, I wear really nice suits and I get ready and I go to battle and I enjoy it.

17 Years of Experience & I am Still Excited About My Job

I get a chance to talk to people. I get a chance to appear on new segments or Fox News Carolina or CNN. I get a chance to be able to talk to people on different boards I’ve been on, such as the Redevelopment Authority Board.

Because I am a lawyer, I understood building and developing and the importance of low-cost housing for people. As a member of the redevelopment authority and also as a member of the executive board, we built a lot of good neighborhoods and spearheaded a skate park for children, which is now being built.

So, I derive much personal fulfillment doing good things in the community. So, because the law allows you to do so much and not just do one rote job, like a cog in a wheel, you doing a lot of different things. The law still gives me some enjoyment.

By Freddy Woods