Freddy: That’s not a simple question; that’s a good question. Parking tickets are considered to be traffic offenses. However, parking tickets do not go on your DMV record or they do not go on your driving record and they don’t go on a criminal record. Parking tickets are just that, parking tickets. If you have a fine, of course, you’ll have to be able to pay. Good to remember, if you don’t pay your parking tickets, they can suspend your license for non-payment.

Interviewer: If you receive a number of parking tickets, is there any level at which they will suspend your license, such as several parking tickets unpaid or even 10 or more?

Freddy: Parking tickets are set by the city. It depends on the individual city that you’re in. For example, if you are in Fort Mill, South Carolina or you’re in Greenville or you’re in Charleston, they’re going to have three different sets of fines for their parking tickets. They’re also going to have three different levels. You may pay $2.00 at one, $5.00 at another, $7.00 for a parking ticket.

Unpaid Parking Tickets Can Result in Your Car Being Impounded and Your License Being Suspended

However, generally, if you have outstanding parking tickets that are more than say three months old, what they can do at that point is any time they see your car, they can boot your car, they can tow your car, they can pick up your car and they can take it to an impound lot, if it’s parked anywhere in the city.

Then you have to pay all your parking tickets or fines before they allow you to get your car out. That’s one thing. The other thing is that if you don’t pay over time, over say six months, the DMV can revoke your license.

Do You Need an Attorney to Handle Unpaid Tickets?

Interviewer: That is good to know. Do you ever have to get involved with defending anyone on unpaid parking tickets or is that not something that a lawyer would ever need to work on?

Freddy: Generally, no. If somebody has unpaid parking tickets and they live within the state, then they can go to that city and they can pay those parking tickets and that will resolve the issue. You know, we can always tell them what to do but we don’t usually charge them a fee.

By Freddy Woods