Interviewer: What do you think makes them hesitant or uneasy about talking to an attorney to possibly help them with their case.

Freddy: Many people are intimidated by the thought of hiring attorneys. If you go and see your family doctor that’s someone you have a regular relationship with. You talk to them often if you have a cold or a sniffle or a headache. You feel more relaxed there. You know they are going to give you a prescription and send you out the door.

Preconceived Notions About Your Attorney

You don’t know what the lawyer is going to tell you. You are unfamiliar with them and don’t know how they are going to come across. The law and the process intimidate most people themselves. That’s pretty normal. Anytime that you get a criminal charge you are scared.

Interviewer: Any other reasons you think people are hesitant to talk to an attorney or any other major misconceptions you want to talk about?

Freddy: I think they are scared to talk to an attorney because they don’t know the attorney’s personality. They don’t know how much their case is going to cost. They don’t know what affect it’s going to have on their life in regard to the criminal charge. They don’t know what they are going to do next.

I feel that the major issue is that they feel a lot of fear and regret that they have the charge in the first place.

By Freddy Woods