Freddy: Yes. Well there’s something, not with regards to driving under suspension, but it’s important enough to talk about as far as traffic suspension. If you look on my website, you’ll see that the traffic offense with the corresponding statute that it links to and that can be used as a reference to see which you could get if you pled guilty to it.

Obviously, if you contacted a lawyer, you don’t want to plead guilty to it. You want your lawyer to kind of work out the case for you and represent you on the case, which is something that we do. That’s a service we provide.

Interviewer: Well, it sounds like if you look at all the penalties and fines and time off of work and possible license suspension, it always seems a less expensive and easier to hire an attorney versus pleading guilty.

Freddy: It is usually more cost effective and normally easier to hire an attorney…It’s usually better than representing yourself. That method rarely has a good outcome.

Interviewer: Yes, I agree. It always is.

Freddy: So, it’s always cheaper and always easier for you to hire an attorney for anything higher than a two-point speeding ticket. Always. You’re going to get a better result. The way people need to perceive attorneys’ services is this: if you have a headache, you take aspirin or you take a Tylenol and you’ll feel better. You don’t need a doctor.

If you have a cut, laceration or anything that’s serious or that continues, you have to go see a doctor but people will generally go directly and go see a doctor. No one would be crazy enough to operate on them selves, but for some reason, they believe that they can go to court and represent themselves. They can’t.

If you need an operation, you need a doctor. If you have to go to court and you have a legal problem, you need a lawyer. People need to understand that it’s just the situation is serious and that you can have severe consequences by representing yourself. That method just never has a good outcome.

By Freddy Woods