Interviewer: This may be an impossible question to answer but how often are you able to improve someone’s situation significantly? Either by reduced jail time or making it a lot better than it would have been if they didn’t hire you as their attorney?

Freddy: We are always able to do something. Now, that doesn’t mean that we’re always able to get a person out of a crime or out of doing jail time or out of being convicted of something. What it means, though, is we’re able to give the judge and the jury a different way of looking at things. We’re able to reduce charges or eliminate charges. A lot of times, we are able to dismiss charges. We’re able to give them a better experience than they can give to themselves.

Never represent yourself in court, ever. So, you’re always able to help people more than they can help themselves. An example I use is a doctor. If you or I want to take our appendix out, right now, and we had no medical training, we would bleed to death, trying to cut ourselves to death. We wouldn’t know what it looks like or what to do with it. But yet a doctor can do an appendix operation, almost blindfolded. It’s a very simple operation for them, not difficult for them at all because they know what to do.

In the same way, a lawyer knows what to do but a very small group of people will think that they can represent themselves. You can’t. You don’t know the law. You don’t know the legal system. You don’t know what the charges are. You don’t know what they mean. You need a lawyer the same way that you need a doctor.

By Freddy Woods