Interviewer: If people have gone to a number of attorneys and are not getting what they want, what do you think that the attorneys, the good ones, will show to people versus the bad ones. What kind of behaviors or interactions will they show to people that push them away or pull them in?

Freddy: We all want peace of mind. We all want to know, number one, that it’s going to be all right, and it will. This too shall pass. We all want to know that the attorney who is handling our case is knowledgeable in that area of law, has a lot of experience in it, knows the officers, knows the court, knows the judges, and knows the prosecutors. The right attorney is comfortable in the courtroom and can represent us to the best of his or her ability. We all want to know that at the end of the day, that we made the best possible choice and that we’ve chosen someone who’s going to look out for our selves and our family to the best of their ability.

After all, this is your life. Most people have an experience with an attorney only once and the attorney gets them out of trouble. So, you don’t want to waste time with someone who does not understand you or with someone who you do not feel can handle your case well. Peace of mind is what everybody wants.

Interviewer: So, are there any other signs that an attorney might not be the right one to speak to?

Choose An Attorney With Good Communication Skills

Freddy: Sure. If you talk to an attorney and the things that an attorney speaks about may have a lot of different names. For example, they may quote cases to you. Like I can tell you about the U.S. versus Malory case, that I quoted, but if your attorney is quoting 10 cases to you and reading all these code sections to you, they’re just going to overwhelm you. They need to be able to speak to you in a good frame of mind and in a language you understand.

So, it’s kind of like choosing a doctor. If you go to the doctor, they can all prescribe generally the same thing, with only slight variation but do you feel comfortable with that doctor? Does that doctor give you good information and do he or she have a lot of knowledge and experience? Did they have a good bedside manner? Because that bedside manner can make all the difference to your feeling of well being.

So, I think when people get turned off on attorneys who don’t take the time to understand them, don’t take the time to take it seriously about themselves and their family and don’t really feel what they’re going through. I think those will turn people off, the same way you might be turned off by a rude ticket taker at a counter or rude person at the grocery store or on the street.

It’s the same way that you would get turned off to an attorney. So, I think it’s the attorney’s job to make people feel comfortable, to talk to them, to listen to their concerns and find out how they can best help.

By Freddy Woods