Interviewer: What do you think are some of the things that you do that make potential clients feel comfortable and more likely to work with you? And what do you think that other attorneys do that may push people away and make them not want to hire them?

Freddy:At the Woods Law Firm, we’re not that way. We want people to have the right and ability to contact us anytime. Some attorneys have built up a wall where they really don’t want to talk to a lot of people, and they are not really approachable. They’ve done it all and seen it all and they just come off really harsh to the client. You have to remember that a person that calls you, this is the first time and maybe it’s the only time that they see or have talked to an attorney.

They may be a little intimidated by you so you need to be more open and more approachable. I make a point to be open and approachable to all of my clients. For example, with the woman who talked to me at the courthouse. We took her case because she liked the way I looked in my suit. I was approachable and I talked to her and I was able to win for her. The only reason she selected me was because I was more approachable than other lawyers that she might have seen that day.

I think that you need to be approachable and you need to be open, but you need to have that sort of personality kind of innate to you. Not something you train in. You need to just not be nasty with people.

Interviewer: Right. Can you tell us one more story that’s instructive and important on how you defend, and will relay something important for people who’re reading to know?

Freddy: I think it’s important to know the focus needs to be on the client. I think it’s very important for clients to know that, when you’re hiring an attorney to represent you. You’re doing just that. You are hiring that person to help you through your case because you know that without that person you can’t get a good outcome.

If you’re hiring that person to handle your case, you should expect a good experience. You should expect that they’re going to be professional. You should expect that if you call them, they’d call you back in a timely fashion.

You should expect that they’re going to do their best to diligently represent you and to look into your case.

I try to put myself in the mind of a client and if I’m calling an attorney I want that attorney to call me back. I want that attorney to speak to me respectfully and to answer my questions if I pay them to do so. I want the attorney to go all out to help me.

I try to keep that same approach when I’m looking at a case. I’ll always put myself in the mind of the client. I think you should be able to get good value out of your attorney. You should expect the attorney to be professional and competent.

By Freddy Woods