When you are charged and arrested for a DUI, you have already been through a difficult few days. Whether you were at a night out with friends, tailgating at a football game, celebrating an important life event or simply on your way home from the store, being arrested for a DUI can be a stressful experience.  Now that you are home or at work thinking about your case, you have another important decision to make – who will I hire as my DUI lawyer?

Additionally, the court date is also coming up quickly or may even be tomorrow; who can you talk to today? Call us, we know what to do. We understand the anxiety you may be experiencing. We can explain the court process, what you are facing in terms of jail time, court fines and fees, and go through our court process on how our criminal defense attorney will successfully defend your DUI cases. We can appear for you even if your court is the next business day and will start defending you from the very first day so you do not have to worry. Just give us a call so that we can put your fears to rest and start helping you.

At The Woods Law Firm we also provide:

* Immediate steps toward reinstatement of our client’s driving privileges

*Personal attention to the client and direct access to the attorney.

*The client is not required to come to all court appearances unless necessary.

*Major credit cards are accepted and payment plans are available in some cases.

*Experienced and Aggressive defense by a seasoned DUI attorney

*Investigative Analysis of every case including the breath and blood samples and breathalyzer calibration, administration and maintenance

*Initial phone consultation and case review at no charge

*Statewide coverage of DUI cases. We take DUI Cases in all 46 Counties in the State of South Carolina, including cities, such as Rock Hill, Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach and Beaufort.

There are some professions where you just cannot have a DUI conviction, including truck drivers with a CDL license, police officers, doctors and nurses, criminal lawyers, race car drivers, professional sports stars and business people with a professional license. There are people who simply must have a clean criminal record and must be able to drive for their job. The reason to choose us is simple. Our DUI lawyer has over 19 years experience as a criminal defense attorney and trial attorney. My firm is dedicated to giving clients the best possible outcome for their cases. DUI is a complicated charge and at our firm, we understand the court system and we have successfully defended clients throughout the entire State of South Carolina. We offer vigorous DUI lawyer defense and in most cases, we are able to protect our clients’ freedom, criminal record and preserve their ability to drive.


In DUI cases, the officer or a prosecutor called an assistant solicitor will be the person that prosecutes the case against a person charged with a DUI.  The prosecution often works hard to have the breath test, or lack thereof submitted into evidence. The prosecution will also seek to have any and all videos taken admitted into evidence and used against the defendant.  The prosecution may also use expert witnesses or any other witness testimony against the defendant. The State may use any of the resources of the State of South Carolina at their disposal against you in your case. Therefore, responsive defense is critical in a trial.

At The Woods Law Firm, we also have resources at our disposal in your defense. We investigate all of the aspects of your case from the initial roadside stop to the trial date. We analyze the law to find arguments to use at trial. There are many important points we must consider before trial such as:

*Was the initial traffic stop legal?

*Did the officer have a reason to stop or detain the person?

*Did the officer perform all of the correct field sobriety tests, and were those tests properly administered?

*Did the officer give the proper instructions during the administration of the tests?

*Was a breath test administered or a blood test taken?

*Were the results of that test accurate and admissible?

*Was the breath test and BAC result accurate and performed on a machine that had been properly calibrated, tested and maintained?

*Were the proper waiting time periods observed before and after the test?

*Was there a video taken of the roadside stop and the field sobriety tests and does that video clearly show all of the actions of the person accused?

*Was the person read their Miranda rights?

*Can the officer legally move to suspend a license?

*Are there factors in this case which contributed to an accident beyond the person’s control such as mechanical issues with a vehicle?

*Did the person have certain medical conditions or have balance or standing problems which prevented them from performing the field sobriety tests such as a back or a leg injury?

*Did the client have certain legal and doctor-prescribed medications that they were taken which could have negatively impacted the tests administered or led to a negative result?

These are all important questions which must be investigated and may change to outcome of a case!

When necessary, we retain our own experts in toxicology and police procedures to testify as to the law and science of a DUI . We don’t run a DUI mill and just plead your case, WE WORK to find the best possible outcomes for you. We will go to trial on your behalf when necessary to preserve your rights and we work hard to get real results for real people. If you have a question, please feel free to call our DUI lawyer now at (864-8100-DUI), numerically 864-810-0384 for a FREE phone consultation. We welcome your call. We’re happy to provide DUI assistance to any South Carolina resident and have proudly represented individuals who reside in Mrytle Beach, Beaufort, Rock Hill, Columbia and Greenville.