Interviewer: Once people are arrested and charged and released what’s the first thing they should do to get on the right track to help their case?

Freddy: The first thing they should do if they are arrested is to make sure to say nothing. That’s the main thing. I mean that so much that I put that on the back of my business cards. It says, “If you are arrested, be quiet.” Cooperate with law enforcement, but you are not required to give them any other information.

Cooperate But Remember “Your Right to Remain Silent”

I think that’s the best thing they can do to help their case. Number two, be compliant in terms of where the officer tells you to go and to do, but just maintain your right to remain silent. That is a constitutional right and the officer cannot force you into any testimony.

Many people, when they get a DUI or any sort of criminal charge, tend to say too much. They tell the officer what they were doing or where they were coming back from or how much they had to drink, which can really ruin the case. It is far better off for them to remain silent.

By Freddy Woods